Hair transplantation in the eyebrows area

Eyebrows of every person are unique. Their functions are manifold: eyebrows protect the eyes from dripping sweat, rain, enthetic objects. They are involved in the expression of surprise, joy, anger, etc. Usually the eyebrows movements are involuntarily, but under the person’s control. Eyebrows differ in shape, thickness, length, color. The research results indicate that eyebrows play a big role in personal identification. The shape, density, bending give the face elegance, rigor, expressiveness and sensuality.

Unfortunately, the eyebrows may be lost or partially lost in many cases:

  • as a result of traumatic exposure (the wounds, thermal and chemical burns, etc.);
  • as a result of disease, leading to diffuse alopecia;
  • The use of eyebrows paints of bad quality;
  • a habit to pull out own hairs (trichotillomania);
  • effects of radiation and chemotherapy;
  • surgical procedures in the face area, etc.

Different methods of eyebrows reconstruction surgery are developed and actively used. We conduct hair transplantation in the eyebrows area in the cases of their absence or the density lack, as well as changing their shapes. Such operations are performed in our clinic by the TFI method (seamless transplantation): we produce containing 1 hair microtransplant extraction with special tools. The advantage of this technique is the absence of any scarring on the scalp. Donor hairs are taken from postotic or neck region (along the hair growth boundary line where they are most similar in thickness to the eyebrows hairs). The natural direction is given to these hairs and the desired density is created during the process of transplantation.

The usage of the latest technology, modern equipment and tools allows us to achieve good aesthetic results.