Hair Transplantation Methodology

Follicular microtransplantation is an ambulatory procedure performed under local anesthesia. It consists of 1 - 2 hair follicles microtransplant transference into the balding area or significant hair thinning region. Hair transplants are taken from the occipital region, which is genetically resistant to baldness. The place of donor material sampling is sutured, the stitches are removed after 10 - 12 days. A small scar remains in this area, which is almost imperceptible, as completely covered with hair.


Thus, transplanted microtransplants contain 1 - 2 hair follicles. Several skin punctures are made in the balding area, in which then microtransplants are placed. Number of transplanted follicles depends on the hair loss area, on the hair thickness and structure. 2000 and more follicles can be transplanted during one session.

Hair transplantation cabinet

The procedure lasts for 4 - 6 hours. During this time the patient is sitting in a comfortable armchair and has an opportunity to watch TV or listen to the music.

Already one day after the hair transplantation You can wash your hair with shampoo and maintain an active lifestyle. New hair growth will begin in 3-4 months and will continue throughout the whole life. Transplanted hairs retain all their natural characteristics, they can be cut, painted, laid in hairstyle.

Hair transplants can greatly improve your appearance, get rid of psychological discomfort and give a sense of self-confidence.