The advantages of our Methodology

The most effective use of the patient’s donor area.

It is achieved by using a binocular stereosсopic microscope. Your donor area represents a total number of hairs that are genetically programmed to grow during the whole Your life. This area is usually located in the temporal and occipital part of head. During the operation, the doctor takes hairs from the donor area and transplant them into a zone of hair loss or thinning.

Unfortunately, the donor area is not inexhaustible. So it is very important to take out as much hair as possible from the donor area, because if it is already used used, it will be impossible to repeat the operation.

binocular stereoscopic microscope Revolutionary innovation: the binocular stereoscopic microscope

During the Follicular microtransplantation session, binocular stereoscopic microscope is used to separate tissue on the microtransplants, it gives a 30-fold increase. Without the use of such a microscope, an unallowable number of follicles is damaged, especially when the hairs are short or have no pigment. Thanks to the binocular stereoscopic microscope, the risk of follicles loss during the transplantation reduces to zero. Thus, the the patient’s donor area is preserved and is used in the best way.

A uniform natural pattern of hair growth.

With the advent of follicular microtransplantation the hair transplant technique has changed a lot. Electric scalpel is no longer used, it was replaced by a more precise tool that enables to make the smallest incision that allows to transplant a lot of hair on square centimeter of the bolding area.

In fact, sometimes 2500 grafts are transplanted in a single session (about 4000 hairs). Thus, the uniformity of growth is achieved with just one transplant session, whereas at least 3 sessions is necessary to achieve a similar result in the case of the ordinary transplantation.

Reduction of the transplant sessions number

After surgery, the transplanted hairs fall out almost immediately. New hair growth begins in 2,5 - 3 months. They grow throughout the whole Your life and have regular cycle. A patient who needs 3-4 session of the ordinary transplantation (what is required in most cases) to achieve a good aesthetic result, will have to spend a lot of time in order to reach the desired result. Follicular microtransplantation saves Your time because an excellent result is achieved after a single session.

Significant reduction of the procedure cost

In addition to achieving the best, totally natural aesthetic result in the recovery process of Your hair, follicular microtransplantation is also more economical than other methods of hair transplantation. Follicular microtransplantationr allows to reduce significantly the number of transplant sessions, respectively, to reduce the cost of the recovery process.

For all these reasons it is easy to understand why Follicular microtransplantation has great advantage over other methods of hair transplantation.