About Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair Transplant Clinic

1. Methodics and experience:
Our clinic is practicing the most advanced and effective method of hair transplant - follicular microtransplantation. Our specialists and hair transplant surgeons trained in hospitals in France and Spain. In our Clinic there are annual seminars where specialists can exchange their experiences, and results of our work has received the highest marks not only from the Ministry of Health of Russia, but also from international colleagues.

2. Written guaranteed results:
We have a written guarantee that the transplanted hairs will grow during the whole live.

3. License:
Our center works in accordance with the local regulations and lows and has all the necessary permits and licenses, LO - 1 № 000139.

4. The highest sanitary and hygienic requirements observance:
We use only disposable instruments and materials.

5. The unique anesthesiological technique:
The patient’s comfort and wellness are our priorities. So we use a unique method of anesthesia. Throughout the procedure there is always an anesthesiologist next to the patient.

6. Narrow specialized practice:
For 7 years our specialists are engaged exclusively in hair transplantation. During this time they have conducted a lot of successful operations.

7. International recognition:
We are among of the leaders in the field of hair transplantation in Russia. The quality of our work and professionalism of our staff are world recognized.

8. Privacy:
We strictly adhere to the conditions of confidentiality.

9. Result:
Thousands of grateful patients who have forgotten about the alopecia problem, both in Russia and in countries of near and far abroad.